Inspiration from Autumn

As each season comes and goes, I struggle to let go of of the previous one. I mourn the end of Summer the most, my favourite time of the year. This year especially was a very special time for me, my eldest son having finished his first year at school and having him at home again over the Summer was a treat. I also loved getting to take more pictures of him again, definitely having felt his absence in my Instagram gallery.

So, Autumn arrived with a thump this year. We weren’t treated to one of those gentle, balmy Septembers, grey skies and chilly temperatures dominated the month, and I clung on desperately to seeking out those summer colours, any flowers I could lay my hands on, and latergrams of pale blue skies and golden wheat fields.

blogpost3images-3With the arrival of October, I think I found my Autumn mojo. I was inspired by the falling leaves, the brief yet vibrant colours that the world was filled with. We had a fabulous run of very foggy mornings, breaking into dreamy blue skies. I made it out one morning whilst my husband held the fort at home, and filled my camera roll with foggy sunrise captures. The striking, often geometric shapes of flowers that were rising majestically into the fog. Just the job.


blogpost3images-1-3As the light changes in November, I find myself having to adapt once again, but I think I have managed this year to embrace the changing hues in the world around me in my Instagram gallery. The shadows are a little deeper, and the tones a little more earthy. I have how been “a photographer” for more than a full cycle of the seasons, so winter light won’t be as much of a shock to me this year as it was last year! In fact, it’s almost my favourite, and I’m excited about getting the chance to capture it. The magic comes less often here in Autumn and Winter than in other parts of the world, we are dominated by grey skies so often, but on those odd occasions when the combination of the light, and maybe some fog or frost is just right, I will be ready!


blogpost3images-1-5These are a few of my favourite Autumn captures from my Instagram gallery. What inspired you this Autumn? What are you looking forward to about Winter? Hannah x



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  • Reply Diana January 2, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    I love the way the shapes of the squashes echo the shapes in the Art Nouveau fireplace, as if the seed heads have come to life!

    • Reply Hannah Argyle January 2, 2016 at 3:58 pm

      Thank you so much! I never really thought of that at the time! xx

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