Slovenia – A Photo Journal

I can’t take you on a new adventure right now, so I thought I share my memories with you instead. Hopefully a virtual wander around these crystal clear lakes in Slovenia might offer a moment of peace, a breath of fresh air, or a new place to dream of going to one day soon.

It occurred to me how strange this state of limbo is… we dream of going places, yet we only really feel safe at home. We are desperate for human contact, yet the thought of being in proximity to someones “droplets” is more mortifying than usual.

Our dreams of leaving our homes, hugging our friends and neighbours, strolling down a street, browsing a shop, are keeping us going but at the same time feel rather remote, and unsafe.

There’s been no other time like it in living memory – so connected, yet so far apart. But those days will return, the world will open up again, hugs will still be free and perhaps more appreciated than ever before ☺️

lake bled Slovenia
With the rain, comes still waters and beautiful reflections
lake bled island from Bled castle
The view of the island from Bled Castle. It’s well worth the hike up and the small entrance fee for these views.

I set off early from my little Airbnb, one morning at the end of October 2019. The air was cool and the rain was a fine, soaking mist… One advantage of a rainy morning meant most of the boats stayed off the lake and the water was calm and clear.

There is an easy walk right around the edge of Lake Bled, which takes a couple of hours allowing for plenty of photo stops. Occasionally I heard a loud splash as a fish dived out of the water, I would stop and watch but never managed to see one.

There was a few fishermen sat on the banks, and their chat would occasionally drift across the water. There was a few other walkers out too, but mostly it was very quiet and peaceful.

lake bled island
Lake Bled Island with Bled Castle perched on the cliff behind
Lake bled island from Bled castle

Legend has it that the island in middle of Lake Bled used to just be a grassy hill in the middle of a valley, and it’s where the fairies lived. By night the mound was lit up by the fairies dancing barefoot on the grassy slopes.

The local farmers angered the fairies by allowing their sheep to graze on the hill, ruining the grass. So the angry fairies flooded the valley, and the hill became an island – a safe haven. The fairies danced barefoot once again.

Lake Bled castle
The rowing boats for hire at the top end of the lake
Lake Bled
You can read more about the story of how I to this splash on my Instagram post here
lake bled Slovenia
Two Pletna’s make their way out to the island. These are the traditional boats made my the locals, and they are perfectly photogenic
Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
Crystal clear waters of Lake Bohinj

In the afternoon I decided to visit Lake Bohinj, lying around 40 minutes from Bled. It’s stunningly beautiful and tends to be quieter than Lake Bled. There is an easy place to park at the bottom of the lake, near the church and the bridge. I would also recommend driving further on, with the lake to your right, to see another little church nestled in the trees, and the beautiful jetty in the pictures below.

Lake Bohinj Slovenia
Cool mountain air and clear water
lake Bohinj Slovenia
Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
The clear waters and perfect reflections of Lake Bohinj
lake Bohinj Slovenia
Imagine how lovely it would be to swim here in the summer
Lake Bohinj Slovenia
church at lake Bohinj Slovenia
The painted details on the churches are absolutely beautiful

Slovenia is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, and one day I’ll go back with my boys. There’s so much more to see than I managed in a day and a half there – lakes, churches, waterfalls, caves, forests and ravines… all of which will be helped along by a slice of Bled cake or two.

Stay safe, sending love to you all until we meet again ☺️ x

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
A moment to reflect – just before the sun set on my time in Slovenia

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  • Reply Brenda April 20, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    What gorgeous photos you take! I’ve never wanted to visit a place more than Slovenia after seeing these pictures. You have wonderful talent!

    • Reply Hannah Argyle April 20, 2020 at 6:21 pm

      Thank you so much Brenda, that’s so kind of you! It’s the most beautiful place, well worth a visit one day x

  • Reply Nadine Camilleri July 17, 2021 at 6:44 pm

    Ahh! This makes me want to sort out the Slovenia photos, photoshop them a little bit and share them. And all the hundreds of travel and everyday photos! ❤️

    • Reply Hannah Argyle July 28, 2021 at 11:12 am

      You should absolutely! Slovenia is so beautiful isn’t it.. and all these photos sit on our computers for years unseen by anyone!

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