About Me

A little more about me…

I’m Hannah, and I’m married  with two little boys aged 7 and 5. We live in a Victorian terraced house in Northampton with our rescued pets, Sally the dog, and Mrs Tiggywinkle the cat. They help me to balance out the male/female ratio a little round here!

I grew up in Leeds, and studied for a History of Art and Architecture degree at Reading University. After I graduated I trained as a picture framer, I immediately loved the practical, physical side of the job, it felt more akin to my first love of drawing and painting, and after several years of study it was good to get creative again.

We moved to Northampton around 12 years ago, seeking new jobs and cheaper property, and finally I took the plunge and started my own picture framing company. My first break came from a friend who offered to rent an old cow shed on his farm to me (that’s a whole other story!), after freezing my whatnots off there for a couple of years I eventually moved into my cosy workshop space in the basement of our current house, almost 7 years ago.

Our eldest son came along very soon after, and a little over two years later our youngest was born. Here began my interest in photography. I downloaded Instagram and by the time he was a year old I was insta-obsessed! I began to find myself wanting to improve my photography and be able to create the sort of images I could see in my mind’s eye, but weren’t happening in my phone camera.

It’s three years now since I’ve been posting regularly on Instagram, constantly challenging myself to learn and improve (google, youtube and reading photography blogs have been my saviours!). Photography has become a passion and a way of life, and I now work full time as a photographer as well as writing guest pieces for blogs (here), and creating social media content.

Photography has given me a creative outlet that I didn’t realise I was missing. I love nothing more than tramping around the countryside with my camera, with my boys often in tow, capturing anything and everything that takes my fancy, or taking 20 minutes to myself to catch the best light by a window and arrange a still life. I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learnt over the last three years, so this space is here for me to share a little more of my world, a little of what lies beyond those pieces of me I share on Instagram.

So.. thanks for joining me, and welcome along! Hannah x